Getting Cheboygan Listed & Mapped on Google

There are many companies out there trying to build out your ‘Google’ page once I have searched for you, visited you or called you. I allow Google to follow me and am considered a Google Local Guide. It doesn’t come with a paycheck, just a chance to earn some ‘gifts’ based on the amount of listing. Well, needless to say, in Cheboygan, you can’t ‘win’ like in the cities.

So my motive is simple! I LOVE this town! And in the 3 years that I have lived here, it has shrunk in size and lost numerous businesses.

I have owned to website design and hosting companies in the past and when I went to build my own site, I had to figure out what was going on with the technologies to build a site on a shoestring budget that would deliver the best results.

My 2-Step Process for local businesses is this:

  1. You need to be found when people type your name into their phone or computer. That requires a good ‘Google’ profile.
  2. You need to be found by anyone coming through town looking for the types of products that you make or sell, or services you provide. This requires a website and optimization. You need the right platform to be cheap, effective and easy to maintain. THIS is the solution I provide. It is faster for me to do it for you. Plain and simple. It is cheaper for me to do it for you. Plain and Simple. I will work with you on payment options for the roughly $200-300 I charge. In fact, I have built several sites and told the business they could pay me when they had some sales from the web presence. They have paid in a short amount of time and sometimes even more than I asked!

If it is wise to buy local, then I assure you it is better to receive service locally as well! I’m not going anywhere if I have my way about it. That means you ALL need a great web presence so you and your families can stay here and THRIVE!

Let’s build your site and work out the costs as you are able to 🙂

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